Exify is a new set of photography tools from Iconfactory, the developers behind Twitterrific. The app gives you access to the metadata of each of the photos taken on your iPhone, offering exposure and lens information, the size and color space of an image, and more.

Exify is a toolkit for serious iPhone photographers

Here are the headline features of Exify:

  • Exposure and lens information
  • Image size and color space
  • Magnifier for pixel-level details
  • Color sampling and layout proportions
  • RGB and luminosity histograms
  • Photo location, elevation and maps
  • Capture time in local time and UTC
  • Camera model and manufacturer
  • Copyright and other IPTC information

Exify also features action extensions for showing photo information, along with magnifying and duplicating images. The app's photo editing extension allows you to add watermarks to photos, set copyright, image description, and artist information, remove location data, or attach GPS data from another image.

You'll find Exify for iPhone and iPad in the App Store now.

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