Exigo for iPad: Sales and estimate tracker for individual contractors and consultants without the huge price tag

If you own a small business or happen to be a consultant or contractor, you've probably come across the hurdle of deciding whether or not accounting and inventory software are completely necessary. Exigo for iPad is a good option for those that just need numbers to turn over to their account and invoices and estimates to give to their clients without the headache and expense of extensive programs that never get fully utilized.

Exigo for iPad isn't mean to replace an accountant or accounting software but it does aim to make tracking things for small business owners and contractors much more manageable. Natively Exigo allows you to track sales receipts, invoices, estimates, tasks, and bills. To use the invoice and bills feature, they're each an additional $1.99 via in-app purchase. For the price, it's still a lot cheaper than using separate programs or services.

While Exigo won't be a great solution for businesses that do large volumes of sales or need to track a moving inventory, it's a fully capable option for contractors and consultants. You can even track your tasks and todo's inside one app so you don't have more than one service to maintain. One thing I'd really like to see Exigo add is an ability to back up to iCloud. If you're depending on it to store your information, iCloud or another syncing service would give more peace of mind that data is safe in the event that an iTunes backup fails or something happens to your device.

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