App Store video trailers and expectational debt

With Clumsy Ninja, Apple has opened the door to app video trailers in the App Store. How widely they've opened it is the question. Was Clumsy Ninja a one-off? Will it be exclusive to some or all Editors' Choice picks? Will they be wide open for every developer who wants to make them? No matter what the answer is, or ends up being, that a video now exists changes things and resets expectations. Marco Arment:

But that's a double-edged sword: if Apple does let everyone add videos to their app listings, and buyers start expecting them, then developers will need to produce app videos, and that's time-consuming and potentially expensive. It would also become a way for deep-pocketed developers to gain an advantage over everyone else: how will your app sell if your video is a nice screen recording of a feature tour in the simulator, then your competitor buys a Sandwich Video?

My guess is it will be similar to what happened before. Once upon a time it didn't seem to matter how good an app looked or how well it worked. Then, developers who could make great interfaces and experiences - or buy them from the likes of the Iconfactory or Pacific Helm - came to stand out. In a world where app trailers are as expected as movie trailers, those who can make or acquire great trailers will come to stand out. It'll add to the overall cost of doing business, in time and/or money, but the question is - will it ultimately pay off for developers and customers alike?

Source: Marco Arment