Okay iMore nations, we've given you our complete iPad 3 event preview and gone through pretty much much every hardware and software rumor we could think of -- so now it's your turn! Next Wednesday, March 7, when the Apple execs take the keynote stage, what are you expecting them to show off for the iPad 3?

In terms of hardware, a Retina display seems like a sure thing now, right? But what about a quad-core processor? Do they need it to compete or could they stay dual-core for another generation? How about more RAM and 128GB of storage? Nice to have or must have? Do they need 4G LTE speeds? Just in the U.S. or internationally? I doubt I'll get better speakers any time soon, but what about better cameras? Is 5mp enough or do they need to go to 8pm like the iPhone? And is there any chance at all the rumor mill missed a form-factor redesign this time around?

Likewise for the iPad 3 software. Does Apple simply have to bring Siri to the iPad 3, or can they leave it exclusively for the iPhone 4S? Will 1080p support come not only to the video player but to iTunes as well? Does FaceTime on the iPad need to let us do conference calls? How about FaceTime over 3G/LTE? And which apps will get the Apple spotlight at the event? Any chance of a new version of iMovie or even Final Cut Pro X for the iPad? What about iPhoto or even Aperture on that Retina display? Could Microsoft really be on stage showing off Office for iPad? And is there any way Apple has a Home screen (Springboard) redesign ready to surprise us with, or will we have to wait on iOS 6 for something that big?

Give us your best guesses, but remember, this is not what you want in an iPad 3, but what you actually think Apple will do on March 7. Vote in the poll up top and give me the details in the comments below. Ready... Go!