Dropbox has dropped a new experimental build for the Mac that adds new move to Dropbox menu options, importing from iPhoto and screenshot upload. The new build is available to download via the official Dropbox forums for Mac users to try out ahead of a general release in the future.

The new build adds a "Move to Dropbox" option to the right click menus for pretty much most files and folders on your Mac that are situated outside of the Dropbox folder. The transfer is instant, and in some circumstances will be much handier to have than having to manually save files to Dropbox or dragging and dropping.

Also included is a new option to automatically upload any screenshots you take on your Mac to your Dropbox folder. When you first take a screenshot using the new build, you'll be presented with the box you see here asking whether or not you want to turn it on. When activated, a link to the screenshot is also automatically added to your clipboard.

And, alongside better upload speeds for large files, also new is the import from iPhoto function. If you use iPhoto 7.0 and above, the import option will show up as a notification in the tray menu with your album and events uploaded as new Dropbox photos.

We've only been looking at this new Dropbox build for a short time, but overall it's pretty impressive and the latest additions are both useful and work well. Grab a copy for yourselves from the source link below, and be sure to share your own experiences with us.

Source: Dropbox