Early this morning developer of the iPhone Facebook application, Joe Hewitt, posted that Facebook 3.03 is on it's way to squash a few bugs. Even bigger news is that update will then be followed by Facebook 3.1 which will include push notifications.

Facebook happens to be one of the most used iPhone applications today while push notifications is the most sought after missing feature from the application. Techcrunch brings up a few valid points regarding how these notifications are currently handled and the potential issues that can arise from an application that will pop up more than a few notifications on your screen. The major issue being if you receive more than one notification you are completely lost as to what the previous notification(s) were for.

Personally I tend to turn off the alerts in certain applications that push a lot of notifications to my iPhone. Applications such as Beejive and Twitbit are just a few that I simply leave the "badge" option on so I can just see how many messages I have. That still does not change the fact that I want a better push notification system...

What are your thoughts on the current push notification system and how would you like to see it improved? Sound off in comments below!