Facebook brings ads to the news feed across all mobile apps

If you've been enjoying the blissfully commercial-free experience of Facebook's iPhone and iPad apps, we're sad to inform you that Facebook will be integrating ads into their news feeds effective immediately. What's more, "premium" ads will be displayed on the desktop logout screen as well.

This comes after Facebook recently filed for IPO, and hot on the heels of rival social network, Twitter, announcing plans to integrate promoted tweets into their official iPhone app.

Up until now, Facebook has only pushed ads on the desktop and only below the ticker, on the side of user profiles. They no doubt hope mobile ads in the news feed will increase revenue and profitability. Like Google, they offer a free service to end users, but the price of that free service is advertising, data mining, and marketing. We're not the customers, we're the product. Facebook, like Google, hopes the service they offer is valuable enough that we'll put up with the advertising and keep sharing our data, so they can sell more ads to show us.

It's been an incredibly successful business model for Google, and could prove to be similarly successful for Facebook. However, ads in search may be more tolerable than ads in timelines. Search doesn't feel as personal as our social circles, and ads shown when we're looking for something might feel more helpful than ads shown when we're trying to share with our friends.

How do you feel about ads in your Facebook news feed?

Source: Facebook