Facebook for iPhone bugs: Status updates not entering live feed, iPhone privacy settings missing

Some Facebook for iPhone users are experiencing two rather annoying bugs -- Facebook does not send their status updates to their friends' live feeds, and Facebook for iPhone seems to be missing from all users' privacy settings. Details after the break!

Facebook for iPhone status update bug

When a use who is experiencing this bug updates their status with the Facebook for iPhone app, the status only appears on their wall and not on their friends' live feeds. Meaning, in order for one of the user's friends to see the status, they must go directly to the user's wall - which most people don't do. An irritating bug to say the least.


  • Facebook's mobile site and touch site work just fine. So you can use them until Facebook fixes this problem.
  • Use a different app to post Facebook status updates

Facebook for iPhone missing privacy settings

The other issue with the Facebook for iPhone app has to do with privacy. When you add an app to your Facebook account, it gets added to the list of apps you use in your privacy settings. It is here that you can see what information any given app has access to, as well as remove any ability that you do not approve of. The problem is that the Facebook for iPhone app is not included in the list. This means that no one knows for certain what permissions Facebook for iPhone has.


  • Stop using Facebook for iPhone (not an acceptable solution, Facebook needs to fix this!)

Are you experiencing either of these bugs? If so, have you discovered any other fixes or workarounds? Are you using the mobile or touch site, or have you installed a different app to post status updates? What are your thoughts on Facebook for iPhone being non-existent in your privacy settings? Sound off below!

[Facebook discussions, thanks Bob for sending this in!]