Facebook recently announced some huge changes to how, where, and perhaps even why they operate -- and it effects every Facebook users' privacy. Short version: Facebook is "building the social web" by sharing your and your friends' information with more apps, for longer, and via more places outside Facebook than ever before and they're opting you into it by default.

If you're the footloose and Facebook-free sort who lives every moment online with little or no care about who knows what about you, then this likely doesn't effect you one bit.

If you're more guarded about your privacy and the privacy of your friends and families, if you're concerned about who gets your information and where, then check out this guide to protecting your information on the new Facebook from Download Squad and get to clicking off those permissions (and no doubt cursing Facebook for not defaulting them to "OFF!" to begin with).

Facebook is obviously huge on the iPhone -- one of the most popular apps of all time -- so we're curious what you think about these changes? Do you worry about your privacy online? Do these changes make you consider scaling back or removing your Facebook presence? Or do you figure the more information about more people available, the harder it will be to find anything about anyone specific?