Facebook has started rolling out a new photo sync featuring with the Facebook for iPhone app that allow users to choose to have all the photos they take with their iPhone automatically upload to their Facebook account, similar to what Google Plus already has in place. For those not interested in sharing every photo you take, don't fret, all you photos will automatically be set to private until you manually select which ones you want to share.

Today we’re excited to roll out photo sync, which makes it easier to share photos. With this feature, photos from your phone sync automatically to a private album on the web. When you want to share these photos, just pick and post your favorites.

When the feature becomes available to you, you'll see a banner at the top of the Facebook app that you can tap to set it up. Or you can deny the feature if you don't trust Facebook with your photos.

Speaking of trusting Facebook, I'm not too keen on the idea of automatically sharing all my photos even if they are set to private. In theory, it's a great secondary backup of your photos, but as an iPhone user, I have Photo Stream to serve that same purpose, so I will not be enabling this new photo sync feature from Facebook.

How about you?

Source: Facebook