Facebook for iPhone and iPad had been updated and now allows users to go offline in chat. Before, users would have to go offline from the web if they wanted to be offline on their iPhone or iPad. Most users have been asking for this improvement for quite some time, so it's great to see Facebook respond.

Facebook has also fixed several of the most annoying bugs that have been rampant in the app, and instead of the mysterious "bug fixes" that Facebook typically includes in their update notes, they've actually listed which bugs have been addressed in this update:

  • The right profile picture appears for everyone
  • Your list of friends always includes all your friends
  • In sets of photos, your name is displayed correctly
  • Photos of people who like Facebook Pages load correctly
  • Your friend-request notification only lights up if you have a request

Thank you, Facebook! The profile picture bug was the one that was driving me the most crazy, so I'm happy to see this fix. (Well, the day that my profile picture was Steve Wozniak was actually kind of cool). One of the most annoying Facebook bugs, however, is the one that doesn't initially display all the likes and comments on a photo when navigating to it from notifications, and it looks like that one wasn't addressed. Maybe next time.

For International users, Facebook has added language support for Czech, Danish, Greek, Indonesian, Malaysian, Norwegian (Bokmal), Portuguese (Portugal) and Thai.

Lastly, the iPad version of the Facebook app now supports the new iPad's Retina display.

How are you liking this update so far? Are you still experiencing any of the bugs that Facebook claimed to fix? Have you encountered any new bugs? Let us know in the comments below!

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