Facebook released a new, but small, update for its iPhone and iPad app today, but in a new blog post it outlined some features it plans to add to the app "in the coming weeks" that will support iOS 8.

One of the changes has to to do with sharing content from other apps to Facebook. The blog post stated:

By simply tapping the share icon and selecting Facebook, you can choose to share a link to a website from your browser, photos or videos from your camera roll, and content from other apps. Facebook for iOS 8 will have an updated share screen similar to what you already see in the Facebook app. From there, you can select the audience you want to share with, add a location, say what you're doing, or tag friends.

The blog post also said that Facebook is working on updates specifically for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that will " take advantage of the new screen resolutions, making the experience bigger and clearer." The company also noted that while Apple has changed how it gets location information for iOS 8, it added that Facebook won't get any new location information from the app. It stated, "You control your location information. Nothing is changing and Facebook will continue to respect the choices you've made about location."

Source: Facebook

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