Facebook Moments wants to help you share photos with friends

Facebook released a new app called Moments that is targeted at making it much easier to exchange photos that you and your friends took at the same event. The goal is to make sharing and organizing group shots and other pictures much easier.

After downloading the Moments app and setting it up to sync your photos, it will use facial recognition to figure out which of your friends are in each photo. From there, you can choose to privately share photos with specific friends, and they can do the same with you. Additionally, the Moments app uses timestamps to organize each set of photos based around specific events, and allows you to search for photos that contain specific friends.

Overall, Moments looks like an interesting way to easily gather up all of the photos from your latest night on the town with your friends. If you'd like to check the app out for yourself, it's available for U.S. users now at the App Store link below.

Source: Facebook

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