Facebook has announced that it is sunsetting Notify, its news notification app launched in late 2015. Facebook rather appropriately has begun alerting users of the app via a notification, stating that it will be "transitioning parts of notify to other Facebook products."

Facebook pulls the plug on its Notify news app

In a statement to TechCrunch, Facebook says:

Starting on Wednesday, we will begin integrating Notify functionality into other Facebook products, like Messenger, and will be removing Notify from the App Store. Since launching Notify, we've learned a lot about how to make notifications as timely and relevant as possible and we heard from people using the app that Notify helped them stay informed about things they cared about throughout the day.

If you were unfamiliar with Notify, the app was meant to help users stay up-to-date on their favorite sources of news. Inside the app, you could subscribe to "stations" based on specific topics like politics or technology. From there, Notify would serve up alerts from partner publishers when a story was posted about something you had selected.

With Notify's sunset, Facebook notes that Messenger, with its more than 900 million users, is a prime target for publishers to connect with readers.