Facepad for iPad is a a brand new Facebook application that just recently hit the app store. It may be the Facebook app most iPad users have been longing for. Facebook has made it apparent they don't think an iPad specific app is necessary. I strongly disagree. Browsing Facebook through Safari isn't painful but how do I upload photos or videos? I can't. Apps like Friendly for Facebook step in to fill this gap but they aren't perfect.

Facepad is definitely a step in the right direction but it still leaves room for improvement. As of now there isn't currently a way to upload photos and video. Friendly for Facebook does offer this. The reason I say I think this app may be the one iPad users are drawn to is the interface. It's absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me a lot of a default iOS app or Twitter for iPad.

For a 1.0 release, you can already tell it has potential. I did experience a bug when viewing photos. Sometimes while scrolling through pictures, the photo window would just disappear and I'd have to reload it. Hopefully this will be something that's fixed in an update. I'm excited to see what the developers can do with this app. Facebook hasn't been too great at supporting their own native iPhone app so I'm definitely willing to see if someone else can do better. What about you guys? What features would you like to see implemented in an update?

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