iPhone 4 FaceTime one tap call

Even though Wi-Fi is required to use FaceTime, because it can be initiated from a voice call it was unclear if it would also use minutes from your voice plan. Apple has confirmed with Business Insider that "the voice call ends as soon as the FaceTime call connects," so it will not cost you voice minutes to use FaceTime.

This is great news and it certainly raises hope that among those 10 million FaceTime-enabled devices Steve Jobs mentioned at WWDC 2010 will be believes it is indication that FaceTime will be available in the next generation iPod touch expected to be announced this fall. However, we are uncertain what this means for the future when FaceTime become available over 3G. It likely won't be strictly considered a voice call; but will it be a combination of voice and data, or strictly data? This could have a huge impact on the data caps that AT&T has implemented. It is also possible that carriers will create a new "voice calling" category with separate limits. Only time will tell.

What do you expect will be the case? More importantly, does the fact that FaceTime over Wi-Fi doesn't use up your voice minutes encourage you to use FaceTime more than you were originally planning? Sound off in the comments below!