Facetune, which first launched on the iPhone, lets you touch up your existing photos and do things such as whiten teeth, edit out skin blemishes, add filters, smooth textures, and more. Not only is Facetune now available for the iPad, the iPhone version has been updated to version 2.0 and brings with it some new features as well as updates to existing ones.

When we took a look at Facetune for iPhone we were extremely happy with how it really could make teeth whiter, eliminate skin blemishes, and more, all in just a few taps. The iPhone screen real estate is somewhat limited though and with Facetune now available for iPad, you can see even more details and have better control over touching up photos.

Another new addition to Facetune is the addition of localized filters for both the iPhone and iPad version. WIth this feature you can control exactly where on a photo a specific filter is applied. Some of the menus have also been reworked to lay out options better. Other new features include updates to tones, textures, and more.

You can grab both the iPad and iPhone versions of Facetune via the links below.

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