Daring Fireball often blurs the line between carefully concealed wink-nudge leak and flat out facetious commentary, so with that in mind John Gruber has this to say about the 4th generation iPhone (which still won't be called iPhone 4G!):

  • Apple A4-family system-on-a-chip. Nothing on whether that would be the ARM Cortex A9 multicore CPU with brand new PowerVR SGX GPU we've been drooling over, however.
  • 960x640 display. That would be bigger than even the bigger DROID Google Android phone, but fit perfectly with the mediocre pixel-doubling announced for current iPhone apps on the iPad's 1024x768 display.
  • Front facing camera. Which would mean all those iChat Video rumors we've been hearing about forever would finally come true, albeit after the HTC EVO 4G broke the barrier.
  • 3rd party multitasking in iPhone 4.0. Yeah, that one we've got covered going way back. Which just don't know how they're going to implement it yet?

Again, this could just be Gruber cracking wise at the WSJ's Verizon-rumoring expense. However, a lot of this might also be considered obvious things Apple "has to do" to stay competitive. Yet Apple hasn't exactly been pushing the hardware specs since the iPhone 2G back in 2007. Steve Jobs was rumored to have said the next iPhone will be an A+ upgrade. Is the above a good start?

UPDATE: Engadget says they're hearing it will launch on June 22 and be called the iPhone HD. Hey, that sounds familiar, doesn't it?