Starting today, Comic Con is coming to Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. In the latest update to the popular iPhone and iPad game, Quahog is hosting its very own Comic Con event and with it comes a whole host of new celebrity, and 'superhero' characters. Oh, and Stewie gets turned into an evil octopus, can't forget that!

Starting July 24, Comic-Con International will be hosting a new comic convention in Quahog. Stewie gets transformed into an evil octopus monster so Quahog needs a new set of heroes to help fight back! Celebrity guest stars (including Patrick Stewart, Bryan Cranston, Stan Lee, Ron Perlman, George Takei, Felicia Day, and Nathan Fillion) arrive in time to train the Griffins into real superheroes. Players will use newfound superpowers to save the day and restore order to the town.

In true Family Guy style there's an air of total ridiculousness about the whole episode, with Peter transforming into "Captain Hammered," Lois becoming some kind of Wonder Woman type and Quagmire, well, there's more than one of him, which is probably bad.

Add in the likes of Bryan Cranston, George Takei and Patrick Stewart – jumping across from the American Dad universe no less – and we've got what looks like some good old fashioned nerdy fun added into the mix. It should be available soon through the App Store at the link below. It wasn't at the time of writing, but keep an eye out throughout the day.

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