Family Sharing is a new feature in iOS 8 that makes it more convenient than ever for families to share all kinds of content and data. One of the greatest benefits of using Family Sharing is that everyone in your group can then access each other's iTunes and App Store purchases. Buy one time, download everywhere. Family Sharing also makes keeping schedules straight a snap with a shared family calendar. Other features of Family Sharing include a shared family Photo Stream, location information for everyone in your group, purchase restrictions, and more.

When creating a Family Sharing group, you can add up to six people to a single family. The family organizer is the person who creates the group and takes on the responsibility of iTunes and App Store purchases. For example, if a child or other family member makes a purchase, the family organizer's credit card will be charged. Purchase restrictions can be set up for anyone under the age of 18. By default, children 13 years of age or younger will have to ask permission before downloading apps, books, music, and other media types. If someone in your group requests to make a purchase, a request will be sent to the family organizer to review. They can remotely accept or deny the request. It's worth noting that purchase restriction can not be enabled for adult members.

If someone in your Family Sharing group loses their device, you can quickly locate it with the help of Find My iPhone on anyone's device that is part of the group. No more needing to sign in and out of different iCloud accounts in order to track devices. One group can now rule them all. A shared Photo Stream will also automatically be created, along with a shared calendar that is available on all devices in the Family Sharing group.

When someone is removed from a Family Sharing group, all purchases made during the time that group was active will still be available to that individual under their own Apple ID. For example, if a child hits a certain age and wants to take on purchases on their own and no longer needs to be a part of the group, they can separate their iCloud ID from the Family Sharing group without losing anything that was purchased. From that point forward, they'll just need to use their own Apple ID and the payment method associated with it.