Fans will need a new season pass for the final episodes of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad fans who purchased an iTunes - or Amazon or Xbox - season pass for the fifth season last year will have to purchase a separate pass for the final eight episodes, despite the fact that AMC had previously billed these episodes as the second part of season five. iTunes lists the new episodes under "Breaking Bad, The Final Season", and a season pass sells for $22.99. Apparently, the iTunes receipt has fine print saying that the season pass for the fifth season of the show only applied for last year's episodes, according to 9to5Mac:

In addition, the fine print on iTunes receipts also stated that the season pass for season 5 would only include “episodes airing in 2012.” The real problem here is that it forgot to remove the boiler plate text stating that the season also included all future episodes: “This Season Pass includes all current and future episodes of Breaking Bad, Season 5.”

While this is bad news for fans that thought they were getting the new episodes under their old season pass, it is not without precedent. For the past couple of seasons, Doctor Who has been split in two, with each half requiring a separate season pass. On the other hand, The Walking Dead, which, like Breaking Bad, is an AMC show, airs both halves of its season separately, yet the iTunes season pass covers the entire season.

The final episodes of Breaking Bad began airing in the U.S. last night, with the first episode becoming available on iTunes this morning. Previous episodes are already available for those wanting to catch up. Did you get a Breaking Bad season pass? If so, does this move break your faith in the season pass system?

Source: iTunes, 9to5Mac

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