Fantastical for iPhone updated, new settings and other improvements

The popular and totally awesome calendar app Fantastical for iPhone has been updated with a new setting that allows you to display only one day at a time in the event list. The default setting is an infinite list that shows all future events. A few bugs in Fantastical have also been addressed.

For users who sync their iPhones with an Exchange account, you will no longer be able to add multiple alerts to your events since Exchange actually doesn't support this feature. And issues with time zones has also been fixed as well as incorrect text coloring and too many characters in the DayTicker in some languages.

Fantastical for iPhone has been my favorite calendar since its debut and the new setting makes it even better. I was never a fan of the infinite list because I could easy get lost or overwhelmed with seeing future plans all at a glance and much prefer only seeing one day of events at a time.

What about you? Do you like the small update to Fantastical? If you don't use Fantastical, what calendar app do you use?

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