Take up to 800 pictures a minute with Fast Camera for iPhone

800 photos a minute -- this an insane amount of photos and Fast Camera for iPhone accomplishes this without skipping a beat.

Fast Camera is one of the more interesting apps I've come across lately. The second the app launches, it opens the camera and a little ticker starts rolling. There is no visual cue that photos are being taken except for this ticker, and I'll admit, I was a little confused. Once I realized what was happening, I tapped stop, then preview, and boom, there was 200 photos of my MacBook Air, in only about 15 seconds.

Then I thought out loud -- "holy crap."

After further investigation, it turns out that if you want photos to be taken at this rate, you must have it set to VGA quality, even from the rear camera. At 8 megapixel sized photos, the rate is closer to 140 photos per minute - which is still pretty darn fast. (Take a look at the larger version of the above photo to see the stopwatch times while taking 8 megapixel sized photos).

Situations where Fast Camera will be helpful could include trying to capture a series of photos to tell a story, wanting to catch an exact moment (like your dog catching his ball mid-air), or even for group photos -- prop up your iPhone, set the built-in timer in Fast Camera, then press start and run into the group. After the photos are taken, you can scroll through to find the best shot.

Fast Camera is normally $0.99, but for today only, it's free! So go grab it!

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