Fates Forever promises to reinvent real-time strategy gaming on iPad

Jason Citron, founder of OpenFeint, is hard at work on a new game designed for the iPad (and eventually for Android tablets too). The game is called Fates Forever, and it's designed from the ground up to be a deep and intense Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). If you've been waiting for a League of Legends-style game for your iPad, this could be the one. Fates Forever is currently in development at Hammer and Chisel, the company Citron founded after selling OpenFeint to GREE.

Citron recently posted to the forums at TouchArcade to provide a few more details about the forthcoming game.

"We looked around at what great games we've been playing and that we think we could reinterpret for tablets," wrote Citron. "We picked the MOBA genre (like league of legends and DoTA). The idea of using gestures to pull off skill shots sounded like a great way to play. And it turns out (from our Alpha playtesting) that it's a lot of fun and different in cool way!"

Fates Forever is due out this summer.