According to a new report, the FBI is planning to keep secret the method it used to hack into the San Bernardino iPhone at the center of its recent high-profile legal battle with Apple.

FBI plans to keep Apple in the dark about San Bernardino iPhone hack

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the FBI's decision is reportedly due to it lack of understanding of the hacking method itself. From The Wall Street Journal:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation plans to tell the White House it knows so little about the hacking tool that was used to open a terrorist's iPhone that it doesn't make sense to launch an internal government review about whether to share the hacking method with Apple Inc.

While the move wouldn't be entirely unexpected (the FBI has been incredibly secretive concerning the iPhone hack thus far), it does solidify the notion that Apple may never know for certain the exact security holes that were exploited to secure access to the iPhone in question.

Recently, FBI director James Comey hinted that the Bureau may have paid more than $1.3 million to a third party to secure access to the phone linked to San Bernardino shooter Sayed Farook. Though that development led the FBI to drop its case, the topic of encryption continues to be hotly debated, with Apple and the FBI even testifying before congress on the subject.

FBI vs. Apple