While Apple has sought information from the FBI on the method that allowed it to unlock the iPhone at the center of a public fight between the two, the Bureau might not be able to do so even if it wanted to. A new report, citing sources in the White House, claims that because the method came from a foreign company, the government would need their permission in order to disclose it.

From Reuters:

Without cooperation from the company, the FBI would not be able to submit the method to the Vulnerabilities Equities Process even if it wanted to, the sources said on condition they not be named.

The FBI itself probably does not know the details of the technique - just enough to determine that it worked, according to government sources and Rob Knake, who managed the White House process before leaving last year.

This information clashes with another report claims that "professional hackers" helped the FBI gain access to the phone and not, as had previously been thought, the mobile forensics company Cellebrite.

Additionally, CBS News reports that nothing of any real significance has been found on the iPhone in question. However, the FBI is reportedly still combing through data looking for anything of value.

FBI vs. Apple