Google Reader is not long for this world, and it seems that Feedly wants to be the replacement. They're now announcing a bunch of partner applications that will use their API. Of interest to iOS users is the news that both Newsify and Reeder will be integrating the new Feedly API prior to the closure of Google Reader.

Since the announcement that Google was shutting down Reader -- a service we live in here at Mobile Nations -- many of us were sent searching for a replacement. Feedly was quick out of the gates with the announcement of their Normandy project, cloning the Google Reader API and transitioning their users over seamlessly. Importantly the Feedly API is also free.

The latest news is that Feedly has been working behind the scenes with selected app developers that cover most of the major mobile platforms as well as Windows and Mac. Of particular interest to us are Reeder and Newsify, both of which will be offering access to the Feedly API before the end of the month, and importantly before Google shuts down Reader. That means iOS users will have three choices initially using the new Feedly API, with Reeder also being available in Mac flavor too.

This could make choosing a new app of preference a little easier. Feedly is doing some great work behind the scenes, but their own app isn't to everyone's liking. How about you guys, are you any closer to deciding on a Google Reader replacement?