Ferrari shows off CarPlay with awful resistive touchscreen

Since the announcement of Apple's CarPlay we've seen details emerge about how the system will work in the vehicles of both Volvo and Mercedes-Benz, and now Ferrari has shown off its system as well. While it works just like the systems in Volvo and Mercedes cars, it appears that the Ferrari system also utilizes a resistive touchscreen, which requires users to press firmly to register touches. CarPlay is integrated into the exisitng Ferrari dashboard setup, allowing users to choose between CarPlay and the Ferrari infotainment system, according to Engadget:

Once it's connected, Ferrari will continue to utilize its own infotainment system, but users can load CarPlay by hitting a dedicated dashboard button, allowing all touch and voice inputs to be diverted to your iPhone. This loads the CarPlay dashboard, which features a familiar array of icons and services you'll recognize from your iPhone. From here, it's a case of using the touchscreen or calling upon Siri to load each of the services -- the latter of which can be summoned with the Siri Eyes Free button located on the reverse of the steering wheel.

What do you think of Ferrari's CarPlay system, and its resistive screen? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Engadget