Apple patent applications and awards are so voluminous they could fill an entire blog all by themselves -- enter Patently Apple, just such a blog, which brings word of several new and interesting iPhone and iPad patents including near field communication, multipoint screen, video conferencing, and multitouch bezels.

Near field communication would allow incredibly simple, incredibly fast data transfer from an iPhone to a MacBook. It also looks like it would allow an iPhone to control a Mac or unlock a door.

Multipoint screen is all about allowing an iPad to detect multiple touches at the same time via a "transparent capacitive sensing medium".

Video conferencing has been teased for a long -- long -- time, but now it's also being looked at in the context of a location aware social network.

The touch sensitive bezel, when added to the previous touch sensitive back casing patent and the current touch sensitive screen would make a fully capacitive iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad! It could also add Palm Pre and Pixi-style gesture areas.

As always, Apple files for and obtains a large amount of patents, and we never know when, if ever, we'll see them in actual products. That being said, any of these make your want list?

[Thanks to Duvi for the tip!]