FiftyThree, creator of Paper, receives 5 million to fund new projects

FiftyThree, the company behind the very popular Paper app, have received $15 million in funding to jump-start the development of their next project. Posting on their blog about the goals for these plans, FiftyThree said that they're working on a suite of mobile creativity tools, focusing on two key area: physical creation and collaboration.

TRUE COLLABORATION—Social media has changed the way we communicate, but real collaboration has been left behind. Still nothing has surpassed the simple act of sitting down in a room with a group of motivated people. We believe a breakthrough around collaboration will revolutionize the creative process. How we work together. How we discover new collaborators to work with.

Moving beyond apps, FiftyThree has ideas for hardware accessories as well. Using tools, they say, is an important part of how we as humans express ourselves. We've already seen part of this philosophy with Paper. Of course you can use the app without a stylus just fine, but FiftyThree encourages the use of one. With new hires in the New York and Seattle offices, the company as strengthened not only their software team, but also their services and hardware teams.

FiftyThree has not yet announced specifics regarding either hardware or software projects. They only say that they're building"the essential suite of mobile tools for creativity."

Source: FiftyThree, Chris Dixon