The developers of Real Boxing, Vivid Games, are back with the announcement at Gamescom of their latest title, Godfire: Rise of Prometheus. Inspired by Greek mythology and based on the Unreal 3 Engine, Godfire is set to offer console quality graphics with its own blend of third-person combat-adventure gaming. From Vivid Games:

In the game, players assume the role of the hero Prometheus as he embarks upon an epic quest to recover the powerful Godfire Spark and return it to the mortal world. Godfire: Rise of Prometheus will feature an elaborate roster of dangerous foes and malevolent Titan bosses that Prometheus must overcome, many of which will already be familiar to fans of Greek mythology. Players will have full control of Prometheus and his actions as he explores his strange and perilous surroundings, defeating enemies and solving puzzles to achieve his goal.

The game is set to hit iOS and Android in early 2014 as a "premium title," which hopefully means we get to buy it and play it. We're a way out from anything playable at this point, but the early screenshots leave us eager to see more in the coming months.

Source: Vivid Games