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9to5Mac casts a spotlight on the file sharing feature shown off during Apple's iPad Announcement event back in January as part of iPhone 3.2 for iPad... and how it was mysteriously gone come launch day, April 3.

Given the current kluge that is getting files onto and off of the iPad file sharing seems like a fairly important feature to suddenly go missing.

You could flip a switch in the Settings and your iPad disk would show up on your Mac/PC's desktop as a drive. You could copy files from your desktop to iPad this way manually. This would have been a great feature for carrying around important PDFs and other documents. You could store important files on your iPad, not just ones that were going to be used in iWork.

Was the feature not working properly and, given the already slipping deadline for delivery, get pushed off to a future iPhone OS update? It doesn't seem to be in the iPhone OS 4 beta 1, but that doesn't mean it won't show up again in time for the final iPhone OS 4 release this summer.

Given the inclusion of iWork, however, and the ability of the iPad to handle a higher level of productivity it is strange and irksome to be waiting, especially after having been teased by the prospect.

Anyone else missing it?