Filterstorm Neue for iOS takes an old favorite to new levels, optimized for speed

Filterstorm has been one of my favorite photo apps for as long as I can remember. It's simply jam packed with features and editing options. Filterstorm Neue is now available and has been completely rewritten to process images better and faster than its predecessor.

For those not already familiar with Filterstorm, it's basically a tiny editing suite that fits into the palm of your hand. From adjusting basic levels to applying masks to to cropping and even adjusting color ranges, all of these features and more are available in one single app.

Aside from receiving an interface overhaul over the classic Filterstorm app, Filterstorm Neue makes better use of the GPU in order to process and export images quicker than ever. This especially holds true if you have an iPhone 5s or iPad Air.

If you've got the older version of Filterstorm, don't go deleting it just yet though as some features aren't yet available in the new version, but will be in a future update. Here's what the developer had to say:

As Filterstorm Neue is a near-complete rewrite, some features developed in the years that classic Filterstorm has been available are not yet present in Filterstorm Neue. These include layers, text, automations, borders, luminance curves (FSN has RGB Curves), and more. Many of these features will be reintroduced in coming updates.

I've been happy to use both apps for now and look forward to seeing what the developers bring to Filterstorm Neue in the coming months. If you happen to pick it up, let us know what you think in the comments! It's on sale for a few more days so if you've been debating picking it up, make sure you do it before the price goes up.

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