The numbers for AAPL will certainly be big, the real questions is how big? Everything from iPhone to iPad to Mac sales, revenue from services like iTunes and the App Store, and profits from Apple Retail and Online will determine that. (It's early for the Apple Watch and Apple has said the company won't be breaking those numbers out anyway, at least not yet.) As usual, analysts professional and amateur alike have made their predictions. Philip Elmer-DeWitt, writing for Fortune:

Every one of the 38 Apple analysts polled by Fortune — 24 professionals and 14 amateurs — expects the company to report double digit growth over last year's stronger-than-expected second quarter. They're calling, on average, for revenues up 24.5%, earnings up 33.4% and iPhone unit sales up 32.6% year over year.

The amateurs as usual are more bullish than the pros. They're looking for a 38% EPS bump compared with the pros' 29%. But even the pros concede that their estimates may be too conservative.

Check out the charts and individual analyst predictions via the link above and we'll be back with complete coverage, color, and commentary as soon as the results hit and the conference call kicks off.