Here's a glimpse of Infinity Blade Kingdom Come, which will be the final update and conclusion to the trilogy of amazing iPhone and iPad action games. On top of wrapping up the storyline, you'll also get a bunch of new weapons, items, enemies, and environments. Specific details beyond that are sparse for now.

For those unfamiliar, Infinity Blade games pit players in one-on-one fantasy duels, full of monsters, magic, and an extensive armory.

The Infinity Blade series has long set the bar for the graphics capabilities of iOS devices, and has remained an iPhone and iPad exclusive for years. It will be a shame to know that the series is done, but at least it's going out with a bang, and no doubt we can count on the developer to keep bringing top-notch titles to the platform.

Infinity Blade III Kingdom Come will be available on September 4. Even if this is the end of content updates for this absolutely gorgeous series, hopefully we'll still see maintenance updates to keep the pain train rolling.