As it turns out, Infinity Blade 3 is kind of finite. The final update to this bar-raising series of iPhone and iPad action games is now available, concluding a trilogy which has spanned years. 25 new items, 6 new treasure maps, 5 new enemies, and an item mastery level increase to 100 are all big parts of the Kingdom Come update. For the last big hurrah, Infinity Blade 3 is half-off for a limited time.

Infinity Blade games are an elegant mix of fantasy and sci-fi, featuring cinematic one-on-one duels, beautifully rendered and fully customization characters, cooperative multiplayer, and fluid, genre-defining controls.

On the one hand, it's sad to see such well-supported, polished franchise come to a close, but on the other, we're really, really eager to see what the developer, Chair Entertainment, has to offer mobile next.

If you're really gung-ho about Infinity Blade, you'll also want to check out their new 3D printing service, where you can get real-life models of your character shipped to you.

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