find all the best apps for your ipad with appstart for ipad

Just get a new iPad and a little overwhelmed with all the app choices in the App Store? AppStart is an iPad starter guide that not only teaches you how to use your iPad, but also provides essential lists of apps for different types of people and different sorts of tasks.

Looking to plan an event? AppStart has a list of apps for that. How about the best fitness apps? AppStart has a list of apps for that too. Want to turn your iPad into your personal assistant? AppStart's got you covered.

The layout of AppStart is very beautiful and appealing to the eye. It's like a cross between a newspaper, magazine, and scrapbook. As you scroll through the pages, you'll find guides on how to get started with your iPad, how to use iCloud, and a seemingly endless number of lists of different sorts of apps. These aren't just boring lists either. Each lists includes detailed descriptions of each app and explains why it's even worthy of making their list. It's clear that the minds behind AppStart didn't just throw this app together -- every app showcased by AppStart was handpicked. If you decided to download one of the app, just tap the price and AppStart will send you directly to the App Store.

The Good

  • Gorgeous Design
  • Guides are actually interesting to read
  • App lists and description are very well done
  • Better organized than the App Store

The Bad

  • You may find yourself spending a lot of money on apps after downloading AppStart

The bottom line

AppStart is a much friendlier way to browse for apps than Apple's App Store. With nearly 50 different lists of apps, everyone is bound find AppStart to be a great asset. AppStart truly is a must-have app for every iPad user.

There is also a version of AppStart available for the iPhone.

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