landon crabtree

An eight-year-old kid from Tennessee was able to track down some burglars that had broken into his home and stolen his iPad by using an Apple-made location-tracking app. The Find my iPad app helped police locate the hotel where these thieves were staying, and their stash of $350,000-worth of stolen loot amassed over other break-ins. The kid, Landon Crabtree, is going to get the key to the city for his help.

We hear stories like this every so often, but I think the real news here is that apps like Find my iPad and Find my iPhone are still a surprise to a lot of people. Google has a similar system in place with Latitude, and BlackBerry has a security suite called Protect that not only can track down via GPS, but also remotely lock and wipe devices, much like Find my iPad. For those of us steeped in mobile tech, the fact that location of your phone or tablet can be remotely pinpointed is kind of old hat, but I know plenty of late adopters that are freaked out by the idea. Stories like this definitely serve to combat those Big Brother anxieties.

Apple's products tend to be hot commodities for muggers... Have any of you new iPad owners had to deal with theft? Is there really anything to worry about if you've got Find my iPad or Find my iPhone installed?

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Source: MSNBC via 9to5Mac