Fingerprint scanner apparently coming to iPhone 5s, will be in the Home button

There have been rumors of an integrated fingerprint scaner for the iPhone 5s for a while, and a recent part leak have added more credibility to the idea. Now Apple might be ready to start testing it in actual iPhone 5s prototypes, however, according to 9to5Mac:

[The] new Home button’s design will not be noticeably convex. Perhaps the shape has changed, but the tweaked button is nothing distinct enough for the iPhone 5s to be identified as anything but an iPhone 5 by the untrained eye. There’s the possibility, however, that the etching and border of the Home button could become more shiny and look slightly different.

The fingerprint scanner for the iPhone 5s is said to work quite well, especially compared to similar scanners found on other devices, which tend to be of questionable quality. Apple acquired fingerprint scanner-manufacturer Authentec last year, and the sensor is said to be a product of their technology. Despite the presence of the scanner, the shape and look of the Home button is not expected to change much if at all.

Security is the driving force behind the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner: Apparently, a very small percentage of iPhone owners actually use a passcode on their device, and a fingerprint sensor could take some of the hassle out of security. From the sound of it, the fingerprint scanner on the 5S will be on by default, with the user able to turn it off in Settings.

Do you think you'll use a fingerprint scanner instead of, or in addition to, a passcode?

Source: 9to5Mac