Firaxis backpedals on in-app purchases with new Ace Patrol game, to charge a real price

Firaxis is set to release their newest iOS game from legendary designer Sid Meier, a sequel to this past May's Sid Meier's Ace Patrol. Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies is the new game, and they're taking a different approach with pricing in this go-round, according to Polygon.

Ace Patrol puts you in charge of a flying squadron. It's an innovative turn-based game in which you use different pilots with different skill sets depending on the mission. Each move gives you the opportunity to move, turn, perform aerobatic maneuvers and shoot at your computer-controlled oppoonents. It was an iMore app pick of the week earlier this year.

The game is a lot of fun to play, but it was launched as a free-to-play title with limited missions. To unlock all content, players have had to make multiple purchases. And Firaxis and Meier have learned from that experience:

"A lot of feedback we got from players of the original game, especially on iOS, was, 'I just want to buy the whole game. Don't give me little pice [sic] here, a little pice [sic] there,'" he said. "And that's how we're comfortable selling games, but again we're exploring this new marketplace and trying out different things."

The new Pacific Skies game will feature new artificial intelligence and new airplane designs and new maneuvers to master, and of course a brand new setting to explore.

Do in app purchases in games turn you off? Are you more likely to pay one price up front for a title you think you might like, or are you gun-shy from spending money on apps at all? Sound off in the comments.

Source: Polygon

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