What with the leaks and every pre-review worth its salt using Real Racing to show off some iPad gaming, it's hardly a secret that Firemint is going all in on Apple's new platform, and they're bringing Flight Control along for the ride -- in 3D!

Real Racing HD [$9.99 - iTunes link] is just what you'd expect, accelerometer driven, OpenGL fueled racing on that big 1024x768 iPad screen and it looks glorious. All the graphics have been upscaled and you can skin cars with images from Photo Album for even more fun. You can also export, edit, and even get skins from Firemint.com. There's Ghost Racing so you can go up against pre-recorded or downloaded performances -- your best race or a top online driver, and they'll show up in Online League races as well. And everything is there from the iPhone version as well, including 48 cars, 12 tracks, 5 game modes, and more racing awesome than you can shake an iPad at (or more appropriately, with).

Flight Control HD [$4.99 - iTunes link] for the iPad scares us a little -- we had enough problems trying to land planes on the smaller iPhone screen -- but luckily there's more too it than just increased adrenalin. Multiplayer abounds, with versus and co-op, and you can play against someone else on another iPad, or an iPhone or iPod touch (nice!). Of course the airports are bigger, and the graphics have been ramped up, and there's a new "Snow" airfield with variable wind (8 airfields in total). There's also a "quirky" 3D view airfield that requires 3D glasses (not included, but awesome in concept). In nut shell, there's just more of everything that made the original Flight Control so compelling.

We can't wait to get our hands on either of them. Apple, why are you making us wait!

Videos and screenshots after the break!

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