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Here's some good 1.1.3 news, two pieces of it. Piece one is that 1.1.3 looks to be pretty comprehensive in how much of the firmware is re-written. Which is to say that it seems to overwrite some of the nasty bits that could have been corrupted with a bad AnySIM unlock. If you have an iPhone that's inoperative, it's worth a shot to apply the 1.1.3 patch. Sure, you'll be stuck back on AT&T again, but at least the thing will be functional:

To upgrade, we put the phone in recovery mode, then connected to iTunes and restored/ upgraded. After the phone had finished upgrading, it would not work with our already valid ATT sim, so we had to activate the phone using iTunes. This is where we ran into some trouble, because after activating the iPhone under our existing account, the phone still did not show any signal and would not activate to our account. We restarted the phone and just like magic, were taken directly to the home screen. - Confirmed: Bricked iPhones Rise From the Grave With Firmware 1.1.3

The other news is that 1.1.3 has already been jailbroken (well, it was a hardware jailbreak first, then this software-jailbreak). Either way, people looking to get native apps back on their 1.1.3 iPhones will need to wait a bit longer for public consumption -- or just wait for the SDK to finally be official in very short order.

Oh - one last piece of 1.1.3 news, you're no longer stuck with it if you prefer the older version, but the downgrade isn't the easiest thing on earth.