The first chapter of Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect, a new adventure game based on the recently completed FX crime TV series, is now available for download for the iPhone and iPad. The first episode costs $1.99.

The player takes control of Clint Lancet, "a young man trying to avoid the outlaw lifestyle in Lincoln, Oregon, home to a Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club (SAMLIN)." Here are the game's features:

  • A NEW CHAPTER - Created in conjunction with the Sons of Anarchy writing team, The Prospect introduces a brand-new story featuring a never-before-seen Oregon chapter of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club. Meet new characters, see some familiar faces from SAMCRO (and more!) and experience crossover stories from the show.
  • EVERY DECISION COUNTS - The actions you take and the relationships you forge in each episode will have lasting consequences.
  • DIVERSE, FIRST-PERSON GAMEPLAY - The Prospect offers an authentically gritty SOA experience in addition to a variety of gameplay—mixing meaningful story and decision-making with intuitive puzzles and mini games, as well as first-person motorcycle driving and fighting.

There's no word on how many chapters the game will eventually release.

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