First iDevices HomeKit products go on sale September 28

iDevices has announced the availability of its first wave of HomeKit-enabled products. Both the Switch and the Thermostat will be available on September 28, both on iDevices' online store and in Lowe's retail locations. The company's Outdoor Switch will launch in November, again at Lowe's and at the iDevices website.

These are the first three HomeKit products from iDevices. The Switch is a plug used to control and monitor appliances connected to it, including lamps, fans, space heaters, and more. The Outdoor Switch behaves in a similar way, though it's ready for the elements, being rain-tight. It also allows for control of two items instead of one. Finally, the Thermostat lets you control and monitor your AC and heat, scheduling temperature changes and more.

In addition to these products, iDevices will be releasing version 2.0 of its Connected app for iPhone and iPad. The new app will allow customers to easily add products to their home network and create scenes or zones of control. The app will update at some point ahead of the launch of iDevices' new products.

Source: iDevices