Much like they did a year ago, Walt Mossberg and David Pogue had to show off just how much more important they are than the rest of us by publishing their reviews of the iPhone 3G a couple days early. Mossberg has the more in-depth review with grittier hands-on details (hint: battery life is a serious disappointment) while Pogue talks up the App Store (hint: "dazzling gaming platform.")

You'll want to read both, of course, but our take: the iPhone 3G isn't so much "second coming of the Jesus Phone that brings about the end times and rapture for us all" as it is "the Jesus Phone showing up 3 days and helping you believe by touching its wounds." Those wounds: continued lack of common smartphone features like voice dialing, cut and paste, and task or note sync.

(A reminder: yours-truly is lining up at the Apple Store in Providence, RI starting early in the AM on Friday (or Thursday, if some bugger wants to get it started earlier). Stop by, say hi.)

Update: the Poguester himself notes in the comments that he's not the one who decides when the review goes up. Good point, we're sure that the NYTimes, WaPo, and (here's another review [via]) the USA Today worked out a deal with Apple to get their reviews up before the release directly with Apple. That's who I meant to direct my inferiority complex at, not Pogue; mea culpa. Besides, anybody who can belt out show tunes like he can deserves better. :D