Five Rumored Innovative Shapes For the Next Mac ProMAC MARIO Pro: Metal case and Firewire support. Con: Still a tube.MAC ROLL Pro: 20-sided design has plenty of surface area for ports and speakers. Con: Custom Apple- designed dice bags not engineered to support future +9 magic swords and enchanted gauntlets.MAC TIE Pro: Twin Ion Engines for speed and maneuverability. Con: No shields or hyperdrive.MAC KNEW HIM WELL, HORATIO Pro: A computer of infinite jest made of 100% recyclable materials.  Con: Tends to self-destruct.OR TRY THIS "INNOVATIVE" CONCEPT: HOW ABOUT THE #@#! UPGRADEABLE TOWER THAT PROFESSIONALS ACTUALLY WANT BUT WHAT DO I KNOW, ALL THE COOL KIDS THINK THEY CAN DO THEIR WORK ON IPADS THESE DAYS

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