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After 2 months of waiting in review with Apple, the new Skyfire mobile browser will be approved and available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad at 9 a.m. ET on Thursday for just $2.99. From CNN Money:

To get around Apple's restriction, Skyfire came up with an innovative solution: When users click on a page that contains Flash video, Skyfire's servers download, render and translate the video into HTML 5, which is a Web standard that iOS devices support. Skyfire then displays a thumbnail that users can click on to stream the video from its servers.

"We will attack those pesky blue Flash error messages," said Jeffrey Glueck, Skyfire's CEO.

We've previously heard that Microsoft worked with Apple to do server-side Silverlight transcoding and streaming to iPhone but this is the first we've seen anyone using the same approach for Flash. It should help users who want to see the 46% of web video not already available in HTML 5, though it still won't give you Hulu -- Hollywood blocks mobile access to online, Flash-based Hulu video. One step forward, half a step (and a kick in the shins) back.

Will you be grabbing this Flash-converting browser once it hits the App Store on Thursday morning? Let us know in the comments below!

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