iOS 7 allows for full replacement keyboards on an app-by-app basis. Fleksy, previously available as the stand-alone Fleksy app, is providing an SDK to let developers more quickly and easily do just that. The first four apps to implement the Fleksy keyboard, available now, are: Launch Center Pro, GV Connect, BlindSquare, and WordBox.

Fleksy claims to do several things better than the default iOS 7 keyboard, including predictive text, an auto-correct that works even if you're typing while not looking at the screen, a larger effective typing area, and a gesture system to space, delete, capitalize, and punctuate, etc.

It's worth emphasizing that this isn't an Android-style solution. You still can't swap out the keyboard on a system-wide level, just in individual apps, and only for keyboards the developers choose to support. That means if you want a consistent typing experience throughout iOS, you still have exactly one choice - Apple's.

It remains to be seen if other well-known keyboards, like Swype or SwiftKey start appearing as options in iOS apps. On one hand, it could allow for a whole new level of customization. On the other, a whole new level of confusion.

Check out the videos, and the apps, and let me know, what do you think of Fleksy, and of the way iOS is handling alternative keyboard?

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