Fleksy Keyboard arrives on iPhone and iPad on iOS 8

Third-party keyboard Fleksy is now available for devices running iOS 8. Fleksy replaces your original keyboard with its own, bringing its autocorrect and gestures system-wide on iOS.

Fleksy aims to provide an eyes-free typing experience. The keyboard uses tap location combined with its autocorrect engine to try to figure out what you're trying to type. For instance, if I type "qsur" on the keyboard, Fleksy will probably guess that I was trying to type "wait". There will also be alternative words in case Fleksy gets it wrong. Select the correct one by swiping up and down on the keyboard itself. Fleksy will also learn as you type, improving results over time.

Gestures are another important aspect of Fleksy. While you could use the space bar as usual, you can also swipe right to space. A double swipe enters a period, while swiping down, just as with choosing between words, will allow you to select different punctuation. Swipe left on the keyboard to delete, and swipe left and hold to delete entire groups of words rapidly.

Fleksy also has some customization options. Themes let you make your typing experience with Fleksy more comfortable. Additionally, you can resize the keyboard, removing the bottom row that contains the shift key, symbols and numbers key, the space bar, delete, and return keys. The keyboard also supports multiple layouts, including DVORAK, AZERTY, and Colemak, in addition to the standard QWERTY layout.

Fleksy is available today in over 40 languages. You can download Fleksy for iPhone and iPad right now from the App Store.

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