Flexibits didn't have a booth at this year's Macworld|iWorld, but what they lacked in structured location they made up for in the big personality of designer Michael Simmons, the ninjary of coder Kent Sutherland, and pure event-based awesomeness that is Fantastical.

We've spoken to Michael before on an episode of the Iterate podcast, but that was before Fantastical for iPhone launched. Now that it has, it's easy to see why Michael was so excited about it. It's fast, it's fluid, and it's natural language text entry (think Siri for typing) makes entering events a breeze. The bi-directional scrolling makes finding them again just as simple.

During the interview, Michael and Kent talk about implementing it, why they had to make it, and the power behind their approach. They also hint at what they're making next.

Give it a watch, and if you haven't tried Fantastical again, give it a shot. It just might win you over.

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